Professional Development and Training Information

Professional Development & Training Information

02/21/12: Monitoring the Cloud 
02/21/12: SDLC in Transition for 2012 
02/22/12: Setting up Google Analytics Goals to Meet Business Objectives 
02/22/12: Building an IT Command and Control Center 
02/23/12: 21st Century IT Trends 
02/23/12: Millennials Rising: Critical Success Factors for Leading and Empowering Generation Y 
02/27/12: The Agile PMP 
02/28/12: The Decision Model in 2012 
02/29/12: Implementing a Winning IT Governance Strategy and Action Program 
02/29/12: Workflow Automation Capabilities in SharePoint 2010…Can you say InfoPath? 
03/01/12: How To Be Productively Disruptive in Crazy World! 
03/01/12: Serving the Enterprise…Solutions for Enhanced Productivity 
03/06/12: Overcoming Cultural Differences by Focusing on Similarities 
03/06/12: Communicating Agile Project Status to Management 
03/07/12: BAseBOK—Business Analysis should employ (this) Body of Knowledge 
03/08/12: Three Myths that Kill Projects 
03/08/12: Why SharePoint Needs Information Architecture 
03/13/12: Ethics in IT Offshore Outsourcing 
03/14/12: How to Effectively Lead a Global Team 
03/14/12: SharePoint Designer vs. Development: When Designer is the better and easier choice? 
03/15/12: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) Primer 
03/20/12: Agile Business Analysis 
03/21/12: The Four Pillars of Service-Orientation 
03/22/12: The High Probability of Extremely Low-Probability Events 
03/22/12: Test Driven Development 
03/27/12: The Top 10 Risks that Threaten Project Portfolio Management Success 
03/28/12: Managing Risk in Agile Development Projects 
03/29/12: Lean Development 

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